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Science may have proved why MSU has struggled at Scott Field over the years

All this time we thought that we were just a fanbase and a team destined for mediocrity mixed with seasons of bad, but it turns out that there may be a scientific explanation for MSU's years of struggles in football.

Dominic Lipinski

Many people do not know this, but science can be useful to us joe everydayers for things other than understanding better what they're talking about on Big Bang Theory.

Science -- other than proving useless facts like plants give off oxygen and those guys on Maury are not the father -- can be useful for everyday situations, and can even explain behaviors of other humans, and even our pets.

For example, this research uses a bunch of big words to ultimately say that dogs line themselves up north-south relative to the magnetic field lines of the earth when they need to "do their business." The research states that this activity seems to be proven in "calm magnetic field conditions," but does not apply when there are variations in the magnetic field. Either way, it's pretty interesting stuff.

So wait, why in the sam hill are we discussing this on a sports blog about human athletes in Mississippi? Well I'll tell you why. We are doing such because last night Kyle Wrather pointed something out to me:

dogs align themselves north and south to take a poopie

Mississippi State's mascot is a dog (Bulldogs)

Davis Wade Stadium is oriented north and south

SWEET MARY -- MSU has been "taking a #2" on Scott Field for years*

*figuratively, which still applies to the research because #science duh

It all makes sense now! And here we've sat for years, thinking we were destined for nothing more than mediocrity because of poor coaching, lack of Alabama-sized athletic funding, and sharing one of the smallest states in the US with two other major D1 programs. Nope! None of that applies anymore. We have only generally stunk over the years (in spurts) because of science.

Man, the magnetic field must have been way out of wack for all of 1998.


[h/t Kyle Wrather]