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FWTCT Reader Awards: Who had the Most to Say in 2013

Ever wonder if you say too much on the blog? (Hint: You can't) Maybe you don't think you say enough. The stats are in, and here are the top posters and commenters on our website.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

The past year proved to be an exciting one at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. We all saw the Bulldogs make a run to the national championship series in baseball, the dawning of a new era in basketball, and an exciting finish to the 2013 football season.

Through it all, you, our loyal readers, made the ride much more interesting with your thoughts and comments along the way. While we may not have all agreed all the time on what was said, it made for fun dialogue around the way.

If you were wondering, we've been keeping tabs on who had the most to say and post here, and without any further wait, here are the stats....

Most FanPosts: wtw2400 led the way with eight fan posts this year, but a few others were not far behind. TheAZDesertDawg came in with six fan posts, and justin.strawn and heckuvaguy both put up five fan posts.

Most FanShots: Cristilmethod ran away in this category, beating his nearest competitor by 57.

Most Comments: We were fortunate enough to have several members make lots of comments on the site during the course of 2013. TheAZDesertDawg led the way with 1329 comments, with What a maroon! coming in second place with 858. CLTBulldog graced us with 405 comments, and The Tupelo Flash made 319 comments.

Whether you commented hundreds of times, just once or only read posts on the site, we appreciate you coming to the site, and we hope to see you early in and often in 2014. To make it a little bit more exciting, we might do something a little more to recognize the leaders in all three categories at the end of the year.