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Auburn vs. Florida State: BCS National Championship drinking game

Whether you're rooting for the SEC streak to continue or for Florida State to end Auburn's lucky streak, boy have we got a fun way to help you hydrate during the game.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

No, Mississippi State isn't in the national championship game.  But many of us will still be watching tonight, so why shouldn't we have a little fun while we watch the Tigers and Seminoles battle it out?  Join in if you please

Drink 1

  • start of the game.
  • broadcasters talk about Malzahn being on 2010 coaching staff that won NCG
  • Tim Tebow sighting
  • Tim Tebow says "honor"
  • Cam Newton mentioned.
  • Auburn first down/touchdown.
  • Florida State first down/touchdown.
  • Tre Mason touchdown.
  • Mark May says something stupid.
  • Jesse Palmer's jacket is too tight.
  • ESPN shows video of Jameis Winston playing baseball (add a drink if it's the video of him throwing guy out from RF)
  • broadcasters mention SEC national championship streak.
  • Crowd shot of Florida State fan in an Affliction tshirt or flat-billed cap

Drink 2

  • start of the second quarter.
  • Bo Jackson shown on camera
  • Nick Saban says "the process"
  • ESPN shows Tebow and Meyer hugging after their national championship
  • mention of Auburn fans wanting to roll trees outside of the Rose Bowl
  • highlights shown from Auburn winning at Texas A&M
  • broadcasters mention "Heisman moment" for Jameis Winston
  • broadcasters refer to Nick Marshall as being a "dual-threat" QB
  • broadcasters discuss "the kick" vs. Alabama
  • broadcasters discuss Alabama being in NCG if not for "the kick".
  • Brent Musburger calls the game a "barn burner"
  • onside kick (add a shot if it's the opening kick of the second half).
  • somebody misses a field goal (add a drink if it's blocked).
  • crowd shot shows Auburn fan holding sign that features the word "destiny"

Drink 3

  • start of the second half.
  • mention of Jameis Winston being second straight freshman to win Heisman comes up.
  • whenever you see Auburn-Georgia game ridiculously lucky catch replayed.
  • camera shows grown man/woman wearing a Tiger tail.
  • Harvey Updyke mentioned.
  • someone fakes an injury to slow the other team's tempo.
  • Paul Finebaum says that Alabama would have given FSU more of a game.
  • For every punt each team has over five for the game.

Have a shot

  • start of the fourth quarter (make it a double for overtime).
  • pick 6.
  • special teams touchdown.
  • Charles Barkley seen drinking a beer and eating a hotdog.
  • Nick Marshall runs for and passes for 200 yards.
  • Tre Mason runs for over 250 yards.
  • Jameis Winston passes for 350 yards or more.
  • Katherine Webb is an Auburn alumn mention.
  • Paul Finebaum seen shining Nick Saban's shoes.

[post idea and a few of the drinks via Hustle Belt]