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What's Going on with the ESPN College GameDay Picker? Three Scenarios

Everyone is currently trying to guess who the ESPN College GameDay Guest picker is. We want to guess why we have not heard who it is yet. Below we cover some of the more outlandish scenarios.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we've all been wondering whom ESPN would announce as the College GameDay picker, but as of 11 pm on gameday eve, we are just as much in the dark as we were when Starkville was announced as the destination of the show.  With just hours to go, let's look at the scenarios as to what might be going on right now with the guest picker.

1) The Guest Picker is tied to news so big, it will rock society to the core:

There are not many announcements that could rock society to the core, but perhaps that is the case with the delay in the celebrity guest picker.  The connection here is that ESPN is owned by ABC, and if there is news to break, ABC will be after it.  Perhaps this news is so stunning that the hope is announcing it during College GameDay could distract people from the magnitude of the announcement.

If this is indeed the case, I'm thinking something like an alien will be the guest picker.  There is no telling how society would react we knew aliens existed. You know, come to think of it, Finebaum looks a bit like an alien.  Could it be him revealing his true identity on television.   If it is not an alien, perhaps it is a time traveler.  That would work well in the prognostication game.  A final thought is that it is someone thought dead, but is alive.  There is no one with more rumors and stories about being alive instead of dead than Elvis, and he does have Mississippi ties.....

2) The Guest Picker is so important, his or her identity has to be kept secret for security:

Was this guy onto something? Perhaps the guest picker is so big and so important that his or her visit cannot be announced. The religion of SEC Football holds its "high holy" days on Saturday, so perhaps the Pope will come give his blessing on the Bulldogs.  Maybe even a special ceremony to appease those who lay deceased under Scott Field yet curse the Bulldogs.

A few other people could fit this bill, President Barack Obama comes to mind.  Obviously, this would be a big (EXPLETIVE) deal.

3) Oh *%#*! We forgot to get a Guest Picker:

Of all of the possibilities being tossed about, no one has really brought up the fact that maybe, just maybe, ESPN forgot about getting  a guest picker. These sort of things happen.  People forget to pay the electric bill, or leave their lunch in the car or at home. Some guys forget to not leave the seat up.

Why shouldn't we believe the crew at ESPN College GameDay may forget to find someone?  After 20 years, it's bound to happen, right? Perhaps it happened here in Starkville.