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Community Projections: Mississippi State vs Arkansas

In an effort to get you, the reader, more involved in the blog, we are inviting you to come and share your bold predictions, best/worst case scenarios and score predictions for the Arkansas game.

Andy Lyons

Bold Prediction: The Mississippi State front seven shows just how tough it is, holding the Arkansas rushing attack under 175 yards. The Bulldogs pile up 500 total yards, and Dak is responsible for five touchdowns to energize his Heisman momentum.

Best Case Scenario: Mississippi State takes an early lead, and the Razorbacks can't do much on offense because their running game is stopped. Josh Robinson gets 150 on the ground, and Dak has 400 total yards.

Worst Case Scenario: Arkansas picks up that season wrecking win everyone keeps predicting. The Hogs surprise everyone by attacking through the air and loosen the MSU defense just enough to establish the run. The Bulldogs muggy a punt/give up a turnover late, and Arkansas forces overtime. The Razorbacks then pick up the 2000-style upset.