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Maroon Weather Forecast: Mississippi State v. Arkansas

Hot tailgates and cool weather will be the name of the game as the Bulldogs battle the Hogs!

Kevin C. Cox

Grill up the ribs as the food will be hot and the temperatures will be cool! Great weather is in store for the Bulldogs as they take on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Blue skies will be in the forecast and will take in the smoke from all that pulled pork. It'll be a bit nippy in the morning when people are loading up the grills with coal. Expect the sun to shine, but have the jacket handy as temperatures will start off in the 40s and will warm slowly throughout the afternoon. The highest temperatures will peak at 3 PM and it will be a mild 59°. Even with the sunshine, you do want to have that sunscreen handy for your face while you're tailgating, but that's the only time that you will need it.

The temperatures will drop throughout the afternoon and especially after sunset, which will be just before our 6:15 PM kickoff. The temperature at kickoff will be at 49° and will drop into the lower 40s, possibly even the upper 30s. A maroon and white hoodie will be necessary for the game, but the sold out crowd has to rely on body heat and screaming voices to stay warm.

Winds will be blowing from the north at 10 MPH and will be causing quite a chill in the student section and Scoreboard Club. The winds can also play a factor in Dak Prescott's passing game.

At the end of this game, you'll want to wrap yourself up in a Maroon and White blanket.