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5 Questions: Previewing the Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. the Arkansas Razorbacks with Arkansas Fight

Ryan Higgins, one of our friends from Arkansas Fight, the Arkansas SB Nation site, answered five questions about the Razorbacks for us as we get ready for Saturday's contest.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

1) How do Arkansas fans feel about the Hogs at this point under Bret Bielema?

AF:  It's a struggle. What's really tough is you can see the vast improvement between year one and year two, but you don't actually get any results. The possibility of going 0-8 in the SEC two years in a row is tough to swallow. Next year is really the year he will be judged by.

2) It looks like when Arkansas has the ball, it will be a strength on strength matchup. How do the Razorbacks get it done on the ground, and can they do it through the air?

AF: They have the biggest line in all of football. Not just college football, the NFL is included in that. When those bulldozers up front get going, it is tough to stop them. The Hogs will not win this game if Brandon Allen has to throw more than 30 passes. If his pass count gets up there, it's because the Hogs are behind and the ground game is ineffective.

3) Arkansas has been close to pulling a few upsets this year. What needs to happen for them to do it in Starkville?

AF:  I would never want a player to get hurt, but injuries to key Mississippi State players is the only thing that I could make Arkansas pull the upset. Despite what many Arkansas fans want to think, Mississippi State has a lot more talent than Arkansas this year. Except for the offensive line, Mississippi State wins every position battle on paper.

4) Everyone talks about the running back duo in Fayetteville. Who are some of the defensive players to keep an eye on?

AF: There are actually a lot of guys that have stepped up this year for the Hogs on defense. Defensive end Trey Flowers is an exciting play-maker and it will be fun to see him chase down Dak Prescott all night. Darius Philon is an outstanding defensive lineman that Alabama wanted to grey shirt, so he ended up at Arkansas. The line backing duo of Martrell Spaight and Brooks Ellis has been outstanding. Spaight is leading the team in tackles and Ellis is the signal caller on defense.

5) How do you think the Razorbacks will attempt to defend the Bulldogs' offense.

AF: The same way they've attacked every other team this season and that's be aggressive. The biggest stat in upset victories is turnovers. If the Hogs force three turnovers and commit none, that's when you'll see the score stay close.

6) Care to make a score prediction?

AF: I know transitive properties don't really count in football, but I think Mississippi State is better than Georgia, who gave the Hogs their latest beat down. I think State wants to make an impression on the nation as the number one team. They'll blitz Allen till his head spins and win the game 35-14.

Ryan also came by the Daily Grind on Bulldog Sports Radio.  You can check the full interview here.