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Mississippi State climbs to No. 6 in the latest Amway Coaches' Poll

The Bulldogs are now the No. 6 team in the Amway Coaches' Poll.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Mississippi State Bulldogs snagged the No. 6 ranking in the latest Amway Coaches' Poll, the highest the team has been ranked since they held the No. 7 ranking in the October 26, 1981, AP Poll.  The fact that the Bulldogs moved up the rankings did not come as a shock as the team has dominated back-to-back top-ten foes, and the several teams ranked ahead of the Bulldogs took a loss this week.

Among the top-five are SEC West foes Auburn and Ole Miss. Florida State holds the top spot, and Notre Dame just edged out the Bulldogs for the No. 5 spot.

Alabama and Georgia also hold top-ten spots in the poll, which means the SEC still holds one-half of the top-ten.

The team the Bulldogs knocked off Saturday, Texas A&M, fell to No. 14.

Interestingly enough, the last time the Bulldogs held their highest-ever ranking, they faced off against an SEC foe in the top-ten from Alabama.  That game turned out to be a 13-10 loss to No. 8 Alabama.  This week, the Bulldogs face a similar task with No. 2 Auburn coming to town.

Here is a look at the complete poll, which went up into flames with all of the losses by ranked teams this week.

Rank Team
1 Florida State
2 Auburn
3 Baylor
4 Ole Miss
5 Notre Dame
6 Mississippi State
7 Alabama
8 Michigan State
9 Oklahoma
10 Georgia
11 Oregon
12 TCU
13 Arizona
14 Texas A&M
15 Ohio State
16 Kansas State
18 Oklahoma State
19 East Carolina
20 Arizona State
21 Nebraska
22 Stanford
23 Georgia Tech
24 Missouri
25 Clemson