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5 Reasons Every College Football Fan Should Cheer For MSU Today

Mississippi State plays Alabama today. It's the biggest game in the history of MSU's football program and we need all the support we can get. So, here's 5 reasons to hop on the Bulldog bandwagon.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

1. We're lovable

MSU is just a lil' team from Mississippi with a chance to win the big one. We don't ruffle any feathers. Even in the SEC the only real enemy we have is Ole Miss. Plus, we have guys like Dak Prescott at QB, who's an awesome dude with a great story and Josh "Bowling Ball" Robinson at running back and a bunch of other great players for you to cheer for. I mean, look at us, how can you not love that face?

Bulldog puppy

Okay, this may or may not be our actual mascot but it's way cuter than a maroon elephant and that's a fact. (source)

2.We're the ultimate underdog

Mississippi State has never won a national championship and until five weeks ago we had never even been ranked #1. It's been a 100 year uphill climb for the Bulldogs. I mean, our schools mascot has half of the word "underdog" in its name. And even when we're the top-ranked team, we're chosen to lose. Bama is an 8 point favorite today and does anybody other than Bama fans really want to see Alabama's football team win anything? I don't think so and that leads me to my next point:

3. Alabama is the worst

Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin. I think that's all I really need to say. This team has the most unlikable coaching duo in the history of college football at the helm and to boot, Bama has ruled over the SEC West and essentially all of college football with an iron fist for the better part of a decade now. They just sit up on their lofty crimson thrones and try to spit on all the smaller programs down below them...

Okay, that might be a little overly dramatic but I think you know what I'm saying. Basically, if this was The Karate Kid, Alabama would be the Cobra Kai and MSU would be Daniel-san.

Karate Kid

Sweep the leg.

4. We're not Florida State

Do I really need to explain this one?

5. Alabama fans are crazy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know there are normal Alabama fans that actually went to school there and function like normal human beings. In fact, there's a whole set of Tide fans that I actually like. But if you're a Bama fan and you're reading this, don't even try to act like there aren't a bunch of insane fans that call into the Paul Finebaum show every day while drinking Jim Beam out of a brown paper bag at 3 in the afternoon and that have a wardrobe made completely of houndstooth.

If you still think I'm wrong, let me provide a few expamples:

First, there's this super-cut made by SB Nation's own Brian Floyd of a bunch of Alabama fans saying "Roll Tide" while being arrested:

Or, there's this:

Bama fan


Or this:

Bama fan 2


Or this:

Bama truck


Or this:

Look, I could literally do this all day but the bottom line is, if you're not already an Alabama fan, you don't want to be included in that group of wackos.

So, come on over and root for Mississippi State! We're a scrappy underdog team everybody can feel good about cheering for. And we don't discriminate against fans from other conferences either. Come one, come all... Except for Florida State, you guys are worse than Alabama.