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AP Poll Released, Mississippi State Takes a Hard Fall, Alabama New No. 1

The AP Poll is out, and the Bulldogs managed to take quite a fall in that poll as well.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The new AP Poll is out, and Mississippi State managed to hang on in the top-ten of this poll as well.  Also, of note, Alabama snagged the No. 1 ranking away from Florida State by three points.  The Seminoles did still earn more first place votes however.

Again, at the end of the day, these polls do not carry any real weight as everything is determined by the college football playoff committee's rankings, but agreement in spots 1-12 is a bit interesting in these polls.  It will be interesting to see how Mississippi State fares on Tuesday night.

For the Bulldogs, they need to hope to do no worse than they have done in the polls released today.  If they drop beyond the top-ten, a shot at a New Year's Six Bowl becomes quite difficult.  For fans worried about those prospect, there are five games to watch Saturday: Baylor-Kansas State, Ohio State-Wisconsin, Florida State-Georgia Tech, Alabama-Missouri, Arizona-Oregon

Upsets in those games would completely mess up the ranking system, and teams such as Wisconsin and Missouri would basically steal two spots in the New Year's Six Bowls from two teams at the lower end of that scale, which could more than likely include Mississippi State.

AP Coaches Massey composite
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Oregon
3 Oregon Oregon TCU
4 TCU TCU Mississippi State
5 Baylor Baylor Baylor
6 Ohio State Ohio State Georgia
7 Michigan State Michigan State Ohio State
8 Arizona Arizona Ole Miss
9 Kansas State Kansas State Florida State
10 Mississippi State Mississippi State Auburn
11 Wisconsin Wisconsin Michigan State
12 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Kansas State
13 Ole Miss Missouri UCLA
14 Missouri Ole Miss Wisconsin
15 Georgia Georgia Oklahoma
16 UCLA Oklahoma Missouri
17 Arizona State UCLA Georgia Tech
18 Oklahoma Arizona State Arizona
19 Clemson Clemson LSU
20 Auburn Louisville Arizona State
21 Louisville Auburn Arkansas
22 Boise State Boise State Clemson
23 LSU Nebraska Louisville
24 Utah LSU USC
25 Nebraska Minnesota Nebraska
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