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Community Projections: Mississippi State vs UT Martin

Community Projections is one of the ways we look to get our readers involved. Give us a bold prediction, best and worst case scenarios and a score prediction.

Hey guys, remember me?
Hey guys, remember me?
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, hopefully this contest will not cause ulcers and heart palpations like the Arkansas game last week. One figures that Mississippi State should roll through the UT Martin Skyhawks for a Bulldog  homecoming victory.

Bold Prediction: Four different MSU players score rushing touchdowns as Dak Prescott, Josh Robinson, Nick Griffin, and Brandon Holloway hit pay dirt.

Best Case Scenario: Mississippi State's starters see enough action to stay sharp and build a lead. Several backups see significant action and get playing time as the Bulldogs run away early.

Worst Case Scenario: Dak's injury is for real, and he gets hurt in the contest. Also, if Josh Robinson got hurt that would be terrible.

Score Prediction: Mississippi State 52, UT Martin 17