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Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field... in Minecraft

Just admit it... you've always wondered what DWS would look like if it was recreated in a virtual Lego-styled world.

Special thanks to Cameron O'Daniel and Bryce Hunt

If you've never heard of the independent video game Minecraft this might be a little confusing for you. Here's a wiki on it. If you are familiar, you'll understand that this feat is really epic!

Tupelo High School senior and huge Mississippi State football fan Cameron O'Daniel created the masterpiece in four short months. As you can tell details are pretty accurate. The M Club isn't visible but the new addition in the North end zone is very impressive. Not sure if Cam will major in architecture in the future but he'll be attending MSU

If you Google "Minecraft College Football Stadium" you'll find parodies of LSU, Ohio State, Kentucky, and many more.

Of course, Kentucky's virtual football stadium has seen more success than the real thing has in the last decade.