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Where is Dan Mullen's Raise?

Hugh Freeze received $4 million and an extension today for coaching the #3 team in the SEC West. Dan Mullen coached MSU to a #2 finish in the West and he needs a raise ASAP.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching vacancies continue to become available all over the country. Whether it's Florida, Nebraska, or Michigan (who hasn't actually fired its coach yet but is expected to) jobs have opened up at a number of elite programs and Dan Mullen's stock has never been higher on the coaching market.

It seems like Dan is satisfied at MSU and has the desire to stay and build something lasting but the fact is that money talks. Thankfully, we know Florida has no interest in Dan but other programs would be smart in pursuing him or at least gauging his interest. MSU's athletic department has been completely mum on whether or not they are considering renewing his contract but if they aren't at this point, why are they even there?

I am confident that Scott Stricklin and crew are smart enough to lock Dan Mullen down but there's no need to wait. At the very least, it would be comforting if they released a statement saying that they are in the process of negotiations for a raise.

MSU agreed to an extension for Mullen through the 2017-18 season in March of this year but now that the bar has been raised, offering him more money is the right thing to do. He currently reportedly makes $2.65 million which makes him the 13th highest paid head coach in the SEC. The only SEC coach that will make less this year is Mark Stoops at Kentucky and even he received a raise and extension a few weeks ago.

After such an incredible football season, that brought not only success on the field but nationwide exposure for MSU's football program and the school as a whole, Dan Mullen should be thanked monetarily for his efforts. Our friends at Maroon & White Nation even calculated what Dan's salary should be if he does agree to a raise. (Read it here)

In addition to five straight bowl games, new facilities, and multiple huge additions to Davis Wade Stadium, Dan Mullen capped off everything he's done for MSU football with a 10-2 regular season this year and frankly, there's not much more that could be asked of him. The 2nd best team in the SEC West shouldn't have the 13th highest paid coach in the conference.

Hopefully, in the next few days or weeks Dan will sign a new contract and we can sleep easy knowing he'll be our coach next season. Until then, we'll keep you up-to-date as information is released.