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Don't Let Rust Hurt The Ring

Rust on MSU's famous cowbells can hurt the clanga and dampen the spirits of Hail State Nation.

Butch Dill/Getty Images

Clanga, clanga, clanga go the cowbells as they travel from the Golden Triangle to South Beach. Some early weather models are forecasting for some rain during the Orange Bowl (take this with a HUGE grain of salt because it is way too early to know for sure). Even with a little bit of rain, cowbells can start to get a little bit dirty, and then they can rust.

Most cowbells that MSU fans have mostly rust on the inside; they do not rust on the outside because of the high-quality paint that is sprayed on them before they are sold. However, the pure metal of the bell’s interior, including the ringer, are entirely exposed and unpainted. The rust can start when water goes onto metal and is exposed to air. The rust will not form quickly if the metal is not dried in a timely fashion, but if it is exposed rust can damage the cowbell. If rust forms on the ringer, it could break off of the inside of the bell and there will not be clang for a sad Bulldogs fan.

To prevent rust from forming on the cowbell while it is raining, keep a small towel with you and wipe down the inside of the bell when it becomes wet. Try to keep the bell as dry as possible, we need to ring as loud as possible down in Miami.