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Maroon Weather Forecast: Where are the Dawgs Bowling?

Weather will be a key factor when the Bulldogs play a bowl game. Here's a preview of the forecast for a few potential bowl locations.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl season is a time for fans to kick back, relax and enjoy the college football season. With the Bulldogs currently ranked as the tenth-best team in the nation by the College Football Playoff committee, the Maroon and White faithful have had a couple of things cross their mind: where are we going bowling?

Fans going to support their teams are a key part to a victory in the postseason, so what will the weather be like in some prospective bowl locations for the Dawgs?

Miami, Florida is looking like one of the favorites for the Bulldogs to play in the Capital One Orange Bowl. South Beach will be great for vacationers to hop on down the panhandle to experience awesome weather. The average high temperature in Miami on New Year's Eve is 76° and there's a good chance the Bulldogs will get a nice tan in the process. That may be the warmest spot for the Dawgs and the fans.

Phoenix, Arizona is another potential landing spot for the Vizio Fiesta Bowl. The dry climate of the desert southwest would be a nice getaway for fans and players, alike. The days will be warm and dry going into the mid-70s. Because it's in the desert, Phoenix can get a bit chilly in the evenings with an average low in the mid-40s. The winter is also the wet season for the desert so fans may want to pack a rain jacket or maroon poncho in the suitcase.

If the desert isn't right for the Bulldogs, they could end up in Dallas for the AT&T Cotton Bowl. The biggest city in Texas is only an eight-hour drive from Starkvegas. Dallas has an average high temperature at 58° and the city's average low is in the mid-40s. Overall, the climate at the Cotton Bowl is similar to East Mississippi, but it is a bit drier out in Texas.

One more spot for the Maroon and White could be a four-hour drive down I-20 at the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl in the Georgia Dome. Out of the four locations, Atlanta would be the coldest place to bowl with an average high in the mid-40s and an average low in the mid-20s come New Year's. Starkville is close enough to Atlanta that it can be a day trip (depending on the traffic in and out of the perimeter), and it will bring a lot of fans clad in Maroon and White.

Wherever the Dawgs play in the postseason, the weather will be great for football and for being part of the Mississippi State family.