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2014 College Football Playoff Selection Show: Time, TV schedule and streaming options

The field for the first-ever College Football Playoff will be announced Saturday, officially moving college football to a new world.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Since October 28, only one true ranking has existed on the march to determining college football's champion, and that has been the ranking of the college football playoff committee, a group of 12 individuals with a near-difficult task.  In the initial rankings, Mississippi State grabbed the No. 1 spot, but two late season losses knocked the Bulldogs out of the playoff.  Had the season ended that day, the Bulldogs would have matched up with the No. 4 Ole Miss Rebels in the Sugar Bowl, while No. 3 Auburn would have faced No. 2 Florida State in the Rose Bowl.  As the season has shifted, only one of those teams has managed to stay in a playoff spot, and even the Seminoles' grip is a bit softer than they would like.

Last week, the committee set up matchups between No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Florida State in the Sugar Bowl and No. 2 Oregon and No. 3 TCU in the Rose Bowl.

The selection committee will be announcing its final decision live on ESPN Sunday at 11:30 am CT.  At 1:45 CT, the committee will release the entire top-25 and announce the bowl matchups for the New Year's Six Bowls.

For those wondering, the No. 1 ranked team gets to play in the more geographic advantageous destination between the Sugar and the Rose Bowl.  The No. 2 ranked team gets the other.  Alabama will be in the Sugar, and Oregon will be in the Rose.

As far as the other four bowl games, the Orange has a contract in place for the selection of its teams. It will take Georgia Tech from the ACC and most likely Michigan State as the highest ranked ACC/SEC non-champion available. The Fiesta, Peach, and Cotton will have their participants selected by the playoff committee.


TIME: 11:30 am CT (playoff announcement), 1:45 pm CT (New Year's Six Bowls)