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SEC Baseball Power Poll: Week Four Results

SEC play is here, and this is our last stab at the power rankings before conference play begins.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

SEC play is only hours away, so here is the gang's last stab at the power rankings before the start of SEC play. It will be fun to see how the list sorts itself after a weekend of conference action.

1. South Carolina (1.00 avg)

Previous: 1
Overall Record through March 13: 16-0
Thoughts on the Gamecocks:

-Until they get their first loss of the season, the Gamecocks have to be considered the top of the class.

-More than half of South Carolina's 16 wins have been shutouts

-How Perfect Game still has Virginia at No. 1 is anyone's guess

2. LSU (2.77 avg)

Previous: 3
Overall Record through March 13: 16-2
Thoughts on the Tigers:

- Quietly a very good team. Or maybe we've just come to expect it from the Tigers

-Does everything well. Threat.

-LSU is still trying to figure out their rotation, but things are still good on the Bayou. Huge series against Vanderbilt that will be the marquee matchup of the SEC weekend.

3. Vanderbilt (3.08 avg)

Previous: 2
Overall Record as of March 13: 16-2
Thoughts on the Tigers:

- Would be the favorite in any other division in the country.

-The Commodores' upcoming weekend series against LSU will go a long way towards establishing the pecking order at the top of the league.

-Is hitting coming around for the 'Dores.

4. Tennessee (4.38 avg)

Previous: 5
Overall Record as of March 13: 15-1
Thoughts on the Volunteers:

- Going to Arizona State and winning two out of three is nothing to sneeze at. The Volunteers suddenly look like a live, real baseball team.

-The Vols remain the surprise of the league and had a great series win at Arizona State that will garner votes and maybe even a Top 25 ranking. Things are looking good in Knoxville.

5. Ole Miss (5.00 avg)

Previous: 4
Overall Record: 11-2
Thoughts on the Rebels:

- Gaudy record. We'll see how it holds up now that conference play is starting.

-Hitting the ball very well, sub 2.0-team ERA

6. Kentucky (5.92 avg)

Previous: 7
Overall Record as of March 13: 13-4
Thoughts on the Wildcats:

- With that offense, they may not need much pitching to challenge for the division.

-Kentucky baseball: It's like Kentucky basketball, but with some of the same players as last week.

-Still hitting the cover off the ball, but pitching and fielding are a worry.

7. Mississippi State (7.69 avg)

Previous: 6
Overall Record as of March 13: 13-7
Thoughts on the Bulldogs:

- Guys, now might be a good time to stop the free fall. There is no such thing as a baseball NIT.

-MSU fans may never want to speak of this weekend again.

-It was a rough week for the Dawgs, who went 1-4. Defense had some shaky moments, but the pitching was uncharacteristically shelled. I would not expect that to continue. Cross-country trips tend to have weird effects.

8. Texas A&M ( 8.08 avg)

Previous: 9
Overall Record through March 13: 13-5
Thoughts on the Aggies:

-Firmly entrenched in the most heated race in the conference: Who will be third in the SEC West?

-Not bad, or particulary good, at anything so far

-The Aggies got a series win against Louisiana Tech. They've racked up wins and had some bumps, but this weekend in Auburn will be the biggest test of the year.

9. Florida (9.69 avg)

Previous: 10
Overall Record through March 13: 11-6
Thoughts on the Gators:

- I came very close to ranking them behind Georgia. Think about that for a minute.

-Yes, Florida won and swept UConn. However, they were taken to the limit each game and needed extras to dispose of the Huskies. There are still too many questions around the Gators to know if they are just skidding or in a tailspin.

10. Alabama (9.92 avg)

Previous: 11
Overall Record as of March 13: 10-5
Thoughts on the Crimson Tide:

- Really have no strong feelings one way or another about this team

-The Tide have won five straight and started the week with a big win in Montgomery vs. Auburn. The pitching staff is coming around nicely, and when the offense clicks, Alabama can be the team that seems worth of the preseason hype.

-Tide hurlers are getting it done.

11. Arkansas (10.62)

Previous: 8
Overall Record as of March 13: 8-5
Thoughts on the Razorbacks:

- Things sure seemed promising there for a week or two.

-They have no timely hitting. They just hit a bunch of singles spread throughout the game.

-Ooof. The Hogs are trending in the wrong direction. The lone bright spot on their weekend was 4-0 shutout of Tulane. Arkansas can right the ship and could be back in fighting shape with a crucial series against Florida this weekend and a chance to gain ground on Alabama next weekend. Still, the other UA has lost five out of the last six and does not have a midweek to soothe any of the losses. The offense has grown stagnant, and they are searching for answers.

12. Georgia (11.31)

Previous: 13
Overall Record as of March 13: 12-6
Thoughts on the Bulldogs:

- Georgia's on a hot streak? Are we talking about the same Georgia?

-After an embarrassing start, Georgia is streaking.

-Don't look now, but Georgia has won nine in a row. Yes, baseball games. Yes, I'm serious.

13. Auburn (13.08 avg)

Previous: 12
Overall Record as of March 13: 11-6
Thoughts on the Tigers:

- For a team that's suspended almost everyone but the bat boy, no bad.

-Three game winning streak means......?

-The Tigers are feeling pretty good after the sweep of Mercer. The offense is clicking and the starting pitching has been a tremendous surprise. So what's keeping Auburn from jumping into the middle of the pack in the SEC? Right now, it's just consistency and getting on a roll before A&M. This weekend will be crucial for the Plainsmen and will tell if they are paper tigers who just caught Mercer on a bad weekend or a sleeper team that's gaining ground.

14. Missouri (13.46 avg)

Previous: 14
Overall Record as of March 13: 8-7
Thoughts on the Tigers:

-Cheer up, guys. Maybe you'll make the basketball.

-Still in the dumpster for now.

-Missouri. How do you baseball?

Those are our rankings for the week. Who did we slight? Who did we overvalue? SEC play is here and should help sort the picture.