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SEC Baseball Power Poll: Pre-SEC Tournament Edition

The SEC regular season has drawn to close. Here is how our pollsters saw it after 30 games (29 for LSU and Alabama)

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC regular season has come to a close, and as one might have expected with tight nature of the season, the final seedings and slotting of teams could not be determined until the last game of the weekend came to a close.

By season's end, Florida had established itself record-wise as the best team in the SEC, but some questions remain as to their dominance.  Other teams such as Vanderbilt, LSU, Ole Miss, and South Carolina will try to solidify their cases for a national seed this week in Hoover, and other teams such as Tennessee, Texas A&M and Georgia will use the tournament to try to add enough to their NCAA Tournament Resume.

1. Florida (Average: 1.00) (7 First Place Votes)

Previous: 1

Overall Record: 37-19, 21-9

Thoughts on the Gators:

--Didn't look dominant against the Vols, but they did enough to win the regular season SEC crown

--We have crowned a champion, and it is the Gators. Very curious to see what kind of postseason run they make.

2. Ole Miss (Average: 2.29)

Previous: 2

Overall Record: 40-166, 19-11

Thoughts on the Rebels:

--Who saw the Rebels winning the West at the beginning of the year? Ole Miss is very close to clinching a national seed, which is a bitter pill to swallow for this MSU fan that had visions of a super regional in Starkville. Congrats, Rebels. You earned it.

3. South Carolina (Average: 3.29)

Previous: 4

Overall Record: 42-14, 18-12

Thoughts on the Gamecocks:

--A series win on the road against a good Vanderbilt team means the Gamecocks could still earn a national seed. Imagine what they could've done this year if they had managed to stay healthy.

--A huge series win over Vanderbilt puts Carolina back in the national seed discussion. The Gamecocks might be peaking at the right time.

4. LSU (Average: 4.43)

Previous: 5

Overall Record: 40-14-1, 17-11-1

Thoughts on the Tigers:

--Eeked out a bye in the SEC Tournament. The Tigers have a lot to play for as they are on the bubble of hosting a regional. Will be a team to watch this week.

5. Vanderbilt (Average: 4.57)

Previous: 4

Overall Record: 40-16, 17-13

Thoughts on the Commodores:

--The series loss to South Carolina doesn't change the fact that Vanderbilt is one of the SEC's hottest teams right now. They also have a lot to play for this week in Hoover.

6. Mississippi State (Average: 5.57)

Previous: 6

Overall Record: 35-20, 18-12

Thoughts on the Bulldogs:

--The Bulldogs needed 1-0 wins on back-to-back weekends to claim their final two SEC series. Whatever happens in Hoover won't change the postseason picture much for the Bulldogs. It's hard to see this team producing enough offense to go very far this week.

7. Alabama (Average: 7.14)

Previous: 7

Overall Record: 34-21, 15-14

Thoughts on the Crimson Tide:

--Finished 5th in the West after their hot start. The SEC can be cruel like that.

8. Arkansas (Average: 8.29)

Previous: 9

Overall Record: 35-21, 16-14

Thoughts on the Razorbacks:

--Playing Missouri continues to be the best pick me up for SEC teams.

9. Kentucky (Average: 9.00)

Previous: 8

Overall Record: 32-22, 14-16

Thoughts on the Wildcats:

--The Wildcats scored 33 runs this weekend against Georgia. They have the bats to make some noise this week or in a regional, but it still hasn't quite all come together for Kentucky.

10. Texas A&M (Average: 9.57)

Previous: 10

Overall Record: 33-22, 14-16

Thoughts on the Aggies:

--Another team watch out for in Hoover. The Aggies know they can win against some of the top teams in the SEC.

11. Tennessee (Average: 11.00)

Previous: 11

Overall Record: 31-22, 12-18

Thoughts on the Volunteers:

--Managed to get a win against Florida and make the SEC Tournament. Can they play themselves into a regional? I'm guessing not, but a few wins this week might do the trick.

12. Georgia: (Average: 11.86)

Previous: 12

Overall Record: 26-28-1, 11-18-1

Thoughts on the Bulldogs:

--Made it to Hoover, which is really all the Bulldogs could ask for.

13. Auburn: (Average: 13.00) (Seven 13th place votes)

Previous: 13

Overall Record: 28-28, 10-20

Thoughts on the Tigers:

--Was outscored 29-4 by LSU this weekend, but it could've been worse. At least they weren't ouscored 27-0 in 6 innings!

--Sunny Galloway's first season ends with a whimper as the Tigers lost eight of their last nine in conference play. They showed some occasional promise in 2014. Will be interesting to see what the future holds for Galloway and the Tigers.

14. Missouri (Average: 14.00) (Seven 14th place votes)

Previous: 14

Overall Record: 20-33, 6-24

Thoughts on the Tigers:

--Led Arkansas 5-1 in the 9th inning, still lost. It was that kind of season

--All terrible things must come to an end. Missouri last won a conference game on April 13th. Ouch. Have a good offseason, Tigers.