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2014 NFL Draft, 1st Round - Open Thread

Come chat with us here as the 2014 NFL Draft gets kicked off tonight with just (why?) the first round.

Chris Trotman

I still can't really understand why the NFL Draft feels like it needs to be three days long, but then again they didn't ask me.  And honestly I should quit complaining, as the draft is the closest thing to American football that we will get until sometime around August.

I have never had a personal investment into the draft, as I don't really have a "favorite" NFL team.  I enjoy watching it just to see the excitement and the realization in the moment when hard work pays off with big bucks for some of these guys (only the deserving ones, though).  And of course, like everyone else, I can't look away when that projected top-ten pick falls all the way to the second round and he's there in the building.  There's also the piping-hot post-draft analysis that comes after all of the picks are in, like this sure-fire hit:

As the first round kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. CT on ESPN and ESPN2, come here to chat with us about the goings-on and all of the surprising and unsurprising picks.  We will, of course, be on watch for Gabe Jackson's selection, which we anticipate coming tomorrow night in the 2nd-to-3rd rounds of the draft.  We will also try and update this post with notable picks as the night goes on.