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Sports-less Summer Saturday #1: The Dumb and Dumber To trailer is here!

Sports are over for MSU until football season this fall, so let's talk a little about things other than MSU sports, like how awesome Dumb and Dumber To is going to be!

We can try and avoid it all we want; we can pretend that we don't see it right in front of our faces. No matter whether we choose to face it head on or not, it is officially the MSU sports offseason: A time that is hard on so many of us. But the good news is that there are still some sporting events going on right now (we'll have a CWS open thread up later), and we can spend our summer focusing on things besides MSU sports, like movies.

Speaking of movies, if you are into comedies, especially all-time great comedies, then you've probably seen Dumb and Dumber. There are quite a few of us that will claim that we base our life choices off of that movie, which is either awesome or a disastrous choice — which I'm not sure. Either way, you may have heard that the long awaited sequel — the real one, not that crap that was put out in 2003 — is finally on its way to theater screens this fall. And at last, we have a trailer for it!

After my first viewing of the trailer, I was pretty excited and more than ready for November 14th, the movie's release date. After a few more viewings, however, I just have this sinking feeling that the movie is going to be a dud like so many other sequels. It appears as though they are trying to hard, which is the classic mistake sequels run into. Still I, like so many of the rest of you, will go see the movie in November, anticipated letdown and all.

Have a great summer Saturday everyone, and #go(away)offseason