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MSU boasts most on-campus video board space with completion of new endzone expansion

Upon the completion of the new north endzone expansion at Davis Wade Stadium, Mississippi State -- with its twin video boards anchored in each endzone -- will have the most on-campus video board space in college football.

Mississippi State University | MSU Bulldog Club

When Mississippi State announced in the fall of 2012 that it would begin a $75 million renovation and expansion of Davis Wade Stadium following the 2012 season, fans were excited that the 100-year-old stadium would be getting the much needed renovations and expansion that the program's recent uptick demanded.  The renovation, which is set to open in just a month's time when MSU takes on Southern Miss, will add a net of 6,255 seats to Davis Wade's capacity, but one of the minor-yet-not-so-minor details is that the project adds another very large video board in the north endzone.

The north endzone video board, which as best I can tell is dimensioned to "be similar" to the existing one in the south endzone, will give MSU a significant leg up in the race to provide fans with as much replay, social (and advertisement) access as possible as a part of the in-game fan experience. Well, today MSU announced that with the new video board's completion, that experience for MSU fans will come via the most on-campus video board space on any college football campus in the nation:

That's a pretty impressive feat given the new video board installed at the renovated Kyle Field that is the largest single board in the NCAA now, as well as other large collections of video boards at stadiums across the country.  I knew MSU would have quite a large amount of video space at its disposal, but I did not know it would be the most, at least for on-campus stadiums, in all of college football.  Well done, Scott Stricklin.

I guess now State fans can use the taunt "check the scoreboard" and quite literally be bragging about the scoreboard itself.