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Dudy Noble Field Master Plan Unveiled

Today the MSU Athletic Department released details on the master plan for the future of the Bulldogs' baseball stadium. And it is going to be awesome.

Via MSU Athletics

Dudy Noble field at Polk-Dement Stadium is already the biggest college baseball venue in the nation but Mississippi State doesn't want to stop there. MSU's athletic department announced Tuesday a $40 million project that will make Mississippi State the premier facility in college baseball.

The concept was handled by the design team of Wier Boerner Allin Architecture and Populous, along with MSU alum Janet Marie Smith. Populous has designed 20 different Major League Baseball stadiums as well as Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE, home of the College World Series.

The Dudy Noble Master Plan includes:

  • A brand new double tiered grandstand with chairback seasting
  • 50 new skyboxes (see more info below)
  • An elevated concourse encircling the playing field that allows for constant view of the game
  • New entry plazas
  • New, more spacious restrooms
  • New concession areas
  • A kids' play area
  • New berm seating
  • Upgraded field lighting
  • HD video board
  • Digital ribbon signage
  • New team areas (clubhouse, training room, equipment room, coaches offices, etc.)
  • Upgraded accomodations in the Left Field Lounge (see more info below)

Approximately 50 new skyboxes are planned with 25 in the main grandstand and 25 in the outfield. The outfield suites will feature two bedrooms, a bath, kitchen, and living space available for use year around. In other words, you can literally live at The Dude.

For the Left Field Lounge, outfield spots will be built permanently into place. Each of the 86 spots will be customized to retain the traditional look of the Left Field Lounge but with new access to amenities such as electricity, storage and a common concourse connecting the entire outfield facility to the rest of the stadium. New restroom and concession areas will also be added to the renovated outfield area.

The new grandstand will hold more fans than the current grandstand, berm seating down each line will allow for greater general admission seating and the outfield should accommodate the same number of fans, if not more. Maybe Dudy Noble will hold the record for top 15 largest crowds in the history college baseball instead of just the top 10 like it does now.

The timetable for the project is based on the Bulldog Club reaching its $20 million private fundraising goal. You can donate and check out a full preview of the stadium here.