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Alabama commit TD Moton tweets he will visit Mississippi State this weekend

The one-time MSU and current Alabama commit made a surprising tweet on Wednesday saying that he will visit MSU this upcoming weekend.

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High schoolers change their minds; they just do.  So when you take that into consideration, it's no wonder that high school football players often change their commitments.  Especially players who commit very early in the process, and to non-powerhouse programs.  Such is the case of TD Moton, the talented defensive lineman out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Moton, on a visit to MSU's campus back in 2013, committed to the Bulldogs in just his junior season: a commitment that wouldn't last through the winter.  He ultimately decided to open things back up the following January, and just a few months later, he pledged his verbal with the University of Alabama.

But could there be some lingering feelings for the Bulldogs?  Moton, from what I interpret to be out of nowhere, tweeted late last evening that his first visit to kick off officials would be to Mississippi State this upcoming weekend:

While a visit certainly doesn't mean anything -- committed players make visits all the time and never change their commitments -- the fact that Moton announced the visit this late in the recruiting process is at least a bit interesting.  Trying to sway him back from the recruiting machine that is Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide will certainly prove difficult, but it's worth a shot to potentially gain the services of the talented Shreveport native.

Here's TD's HUDL highlights for those interested in seeing what he can do:

Moton will join the group of in-state commitments and recruits on campus this weekend, as well as new MSU o-line target Cory Helms.  Could he possibly come back aboard for MSU?  I wouldn't hold my breath on it.  Again, flipping players from Alabama is difficult, and Moton could very well be taking visits just to enjoy them.  Certainly no harm in that.

This will still be a situation to watch over the weekend, though.  The Bulldogs had a similar late flirtation with offensive lineman OJ Smith last year, but Smith ultimately went with the Tide.  That would be my anticipated outcome in this case as well, but you never know what may come of a late planned visit.