Scott Stricklin teases out view from proposed Left Field Lofts


Late last summer, Mississippi State unveiled some pretty spectacular plans for the future of Dudy Noble Field. A complete grandstand rebuild in the place of current DNF was includes, as were tons of amenities, including LOFT APARTMENTS IN LEFT FIELD.

The project is ambitious to say the least, and many have wondered if what we saw last summer is what we'll get. State fans are certainly hoping so, although we'll just have to wait and see. Things have been quiet on the fundraising front, but hopefully we'll have an update on where things are and the timeline moving forward sometime soon.

For now we'll just have to live with these teased out photo from AD Scott Stricklin from the proposed Left Field Lofts. The lofts are clearly the most ambitious part of the project, and now we have an idea of what a game -- a college game, keep in mind -- could look like from one of them. Pretty spectacular.

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