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Quick Hits: Mississippi State Bulldogs defeat Louisiana Tech 45-20

It looked rough at first, but Mississippi State won and moves on.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports
Things looked dicey at first, but at the end of the day, Mississippi State picked up a 45-20 win over Louisiana Tech.

Not sure what was up with the funk Mississippi State played under in the first quarter, but I'm glad they snapped out of it. Can't let it happen again this year though.

How fun was it watching on offense firing on all cylinders layer in the game. Our personnel at running back got the job done, and that might have been the best running from Dak Prescott this season.

Speaking of Dak, it looks like he and Bear Wilson are getting on the same page. That will be huge for the rest of the season.

Donald Grey missed an easy pass in the game, but props to him for making the big play on special teams with the punt block. That type of play late in a half is a killer for the other team.

Sure heard Richie Brown's name a lot on tackles, but what else is new?

It might have just been me, but I loved the pressure the Bulldogs put on Driskell today. That needs to continue too. However, when it forces lame duck passes that hit defenders in the hands, we need to make the play. Speaking of making plays, Brandon Bryant sure did. He recovered the blocked punt to set up a score, and he had the late pick-six.

How huge was the opening offensive drive of the second half for MSU? Going 98 yards and putting up a touchdown for a 14-point lead was huge there.

Don't knock this LaTech team. It's a nice win for MSU.