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FWtCT SEC Recap - Week Seven 2015

I'm here to recap all the action in the SEC.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis 37, Ole Miss 24



Anyway, Chad Kelly had an okay performance for the Rebels, completing 33 of his 47 passes for 372 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Also, if it wasn't obvious already, Ole Miss still doesn't have a run game. Six people got touches on the ground, totaling 40 yards. Yeah. That's not good. But, the main story in this one: Paxton. Freaking. Lynch. Last week, Greg McElroy of the SEC Network said that Lynch was the "2nd best NFL ready quarterback in college football", behind Cal's Jared Goff. Goodness gracious, did he show that today. Lynch completed 39 of his 53 passes for 384 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception. He'll be making a whole lot of money in the pros. But, anyway, Memphis just pulled off their biggest win in program history, and being a Memphian myself, I can say that without any doubt. It's cause for celebration.

Alabama 41, Texas A&M 23

Hahahaha, people actually thought this was going to be a decent game. Hahaha, oh were people wrong. Although Jake Coker had a mediocre at best performance, OH MY GRACIOUS DERRICK HENRY. WOOOOO BOY. He ran for 236 yards and two touchdowns from 32 carries. A monster performance. But, the Crimson Tide really didn't need a monster performance from Derrick Henry when they had Texas A&M quarterback Kyle Allen to help them. Kyle Allen threw three interceptions, but they weren't any normal kind of interception. They were all pick sixes. THREE PICK SIXES. THREE. NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE. It was a roooough day for Kyle Allen and the Aggies. They need to hurry up and rebound before they travel to Oxford, but for Bama, life is good. They've got a pretty easy ride before LSU.

South Carolina 19, Vanderbilt 10

I wouldn't have believed it if you told me last week would be the last SEC recap I'd ever write with Steve Spurrier as a head coach. I just wouldn't. But, it happened. The man who once said "there are no Vanderbilts in the NFL" as a response to a question about the challenges in the pros that he didn't face in college left the game one week before playing.... Vanderbilt. But, with this kind of game, he probably was cringing in his seat and wishing he were on the Gamecock sideline. Everything about this was ugly. There were seven turnovers in this game, South Carolina reeled off over 400 total yards and put up only 19 points, and just ugh. Ugh. It was ugly. With that being said, it was a confidence booster for the Gamecocks. They're not in a great position at all, and they were able to notch a conference win to get them back on track.

LSU 35, Florida 28

It's official. As of now, LSU is the best team in the SEC. The abilities of Leonard Fournette were questioned going into this one against a very good Florida defense. No one should've questioned him. Not. One. Person. Fournette rushed for 180 yards and two touchdowns from 31 carries, and he's just breezing his way through the LSU schedule, on his way to the Heisman Trophy. Also, stunningly, LSU actually threw the ball well against a good pass defense. It actually happened. Brandon Harris completed 13 of his 19 passes for 202 yards and two touchdowns. That was against a secondary led by the likes of Vernon Hargreaves. Yep. And to cap it all off, in typical Les Miles vs. Florida fashion, a fake field goal TD is what won the game for the Tigers. Never doubt the Mad Hatter. Just don't do it.

Georgia 9, Missouri 6

Boy, was I glad I didn't watch this! I mean, what was this? When did Sylvester Croom become Georgia's offensive coordinator? For that matter, when did he become Missouri's offensive coordinator? Does he coach both schools? Did he run across the field to coach each team before their offensive possessions? So many questions are left to be answered. Anyway, a touchdown was not scored in this game. Five field goals, and that's it. Missouri had 164 total yards in this one. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR. And that's total yards. Georgia didn't even reach 300 total yards. Ugh. UGH. Everything about this was bad. There's really nothing else to say about it.