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Hello, Computer. How's the Internet today?

Before you get in your obligatory half hour of zoning out at your desk, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU-related miscellany that the internet has to offer today.

Morning Linkage

Dak gets pissed, pillages and plunders Ruston, Louisiana, before burning it to the ground - Apparently after La. Tech. went up 14 - 0, Dak went all Bruce-Banner-needs-a-new-shirt and worked the team into a frenzy that resulted in a 45 - 6 run over the remainder of the game.

Mullen using football words to talk about the game - here's the full post-game press conference, in case you haven't given it a gander:

Found myself compelled to share an interesting blurb from the press conference on a message board last night, so I may as well share it again here. It concerns a question on many minds about Dak's reluctance to tuck the ball and run like he did last year. Some have attributed it do Mullen's decision to imitate Mike Leach this season, others to an effort to keep Dak healthy, others to Dan's fiendish plan to have Dak drafted as highly as possible at the expense of wins this season, and still others to a vast conspiracy involving reverse vampires and the Rand corporation.

Anywho, Mullen actually brought this topic up without being directly prompted on Saturday. Here's his story:

Q: You talk about Dak's progression as a [passing] quarterback, what have you seen from him over the past year?

A: Well, I mean obviously he's come a long way as a big-time quarterback. I think one of the things I was pleased to see today is that he's starting to get back to finding that balance of when to pull it down and start running. You know what I mean? When to pull it down and start running. I think in the first couple of games in the season, he's done such a great job of getting to his third and fourth progressions. I mean, with college kids you're lucky if they get to a second. It's one, run; one, two, run, maybe. He's gone to four. But I think he's starting to see and understand coverages where, "I'm one, two, oh, goodness, they're not covering me for a run, I can easily go run for a first down right now," instead of holding the ball in the pocket too long [until the play] breaks down and creates a sack. But the key to that is balance . . . . It's knowing what's happening on the field.

Players using football words to talk about the game - Lots of player post-game interviews over at Logan Lowery's blog. Dak, De'Runnya, Malik Dear, among others.

Huzzah! Meaningless rankings and lists! - ESPN has us at 6th in the SEC "Power Rankings," whatever the hell those are. (Maybe they're like power level rankings in Dragonball Z, so if we ascend to the top 3, Dak's face with explode with radiant white light after he scores touchdowns.) There are also updated bowl projections from ESPNCBS,and SB Nation. Sweet! Way-too-early reminders that we're on track for the Music City Bowl. Rah.

Mixed Messages

As I type this, I vaguely notice a copy of Nick Drake's first album, Five Leaves Left, occupying a spot on my desk for no particular reason. I think it's been there for weeks. Maybe I ripped it for addition to the USB drive in my car? I don't remember.

So now I'm thinking of the album's opener, which is a really nice love song:

But after enjoying that, I immediately think of this: