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Watch this touching Monday Night Football feature on Fletcher Cox when you can

Go ahead and grab the Kleenex.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a Mississippi State fan, chances are Fletcher Cox is one of your all-time favorite Bulldogs.  A dominant force in his time at State, Fletch has since turned his QB-terrorizing efforts towards NFL QBs.  And while we all love him and will always know him as a Bulldog, maybe we didn't know more about Fletcher's backstory.  Like how he was raised by his mother and older brother, and the bond he shared with that brother.

(for those viewing on mobile that cannot see the video, click here)

As sad and heart-wrenching as that story is, it's so great to see Fletcher making that promise to always be there for his nieces and nephews.

Keep representing MSU well, big man.