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Community Projections: Mississippi State vs. Kentucky

Here's your chance to call your shot for this weekend's outcome.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State wraps up its three game home stand by welcoming Kentucky to Starkville. Much will be on the line in this matchup as Kentucky needs a win to have a strong chance at bowl eligibility, and Mississippi State can clinch bowl eligibility with a win.  The Bulldogs could also slip back into the polls with a victory.

Best Case Scenario: Mississippi State plays well from the start.  The Bulldogs take the opening kickoff and put seven on the board.  The defense gets a hold, and the offense adds more points, and the route starts early.  Dak Prescott and De'Runnya Wilson look much like they did last week, and Wilson ends up with 7-9 catches, around 100 yards and two scores.  Malik Deer goes for 100 total yards from the running back position.

Worst Case Scenario: The Bulldogs give up quick points early in the game, and they have to play from 14-0 again.  This time, the Bulldogs struggle to make the comeback.  After battling and battling, the Bulldogs get to the 34-yard line, setting up a game winning field goal as they trail 21-19 with three seconds left on the clock.....

Bold  Prediction: Dak Prescott picks up 400 total yards and accounts for four touchdowns.  A running back will go for 100 yards and a score.