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Dak's Assault on MSU's Career QB Records

By the end of his time in Starkville, Dak will own every meaningful passing record in school history, and none of them will even be close.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

What Dak Prescott has done in his somewhat limited career at Mississippi State is nothing short of amazing. The numbers he's accumulated in spot-duty as a freshman, split-time as a sophomore, a full junior season, and half of his senior campaign already tower over other quarterbacks that played at State for 3-4 complete seasons.

And they're just going to get bigger.

Last year, Dak set many single-game and single-season records, and he continues to do so in his senior year, but today, we're looking at his career numbers and where they stack up against other quarterbacks in MSU history.

Here's a visual graph that shows the records Dak owns, and how he compares with previous record-holder. Dak's stats are shown in red, with the previous record-holder shown in gray.

The only record left to fall is the Rushing Yards by a Quarterback record set by John Bond in the early 1980s. Dak is 93 yards shy of Bond’s record, so he should claim that one by year’s end.

The lead he holds in some of these categories is eye-boggling, and we have 5 games plus a bowl game left on our schedule. This isn't a guy that's barely setting school records - he's demolishing them. By the end of the season, he will own almost every career quarterback record with at least a 35% cushion.

Let me say that again – a THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT CUSHION. That means that in EVERY statistical category (except Rushing Yards by a QB), the person in 2nd place could have had a FIFTH year of eligibility, and Dak would likely still own the record.

His biggeest lead is in the total touchdowns category, where he has outpaced Don Smith 90-52. By the end of the year, it's possible Dak will have DOUBLED the previous record. Unbelievable.

There is only one career quarterback record that's out of Dak's reach, and that's Jackie Parker's record of 8.5 yards per pass attempt. Dak should finish around 8.0ypa, putting him 3rd in this category, also behind Dave Marler who finished with 8.4 yards per attempt in the late '70s.

But that shouldn't put even the slightest of blemishes on a historical career by Dak Prescott, who has carved his name at the top of every Mississippi State career quarterback record. And there are still six games left to go.