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Hello, Computer. How's the Internet today?

Before you get in your obligatory half hour of zoning out at your desk, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU related miscellany that the internet has to offer today.

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Morning Linkage

Unless you want to watch Coach Mullen mumble about missed opportunities and dish out other depressing football platitudes, or read about the doom of having a -2 turnover margin, the MSU-related corners of the internet this morning are dark, dreary places. Let's move on, shall we?

Commodities Trading on the High Seas

Any of y'all thinking about a career in the financial industry? Well, if you're on the fence about taking the plunge into the world of accounting, finance, and commercial paper, perhaps you should have a look at this:

A friend of mine at Morgan Stanley in New York assures me that this is exactly the kind of thing she gets into every couple of months.

Tom Waits on a Monday Morning

I feel like I don't listen to enough Tom Waits. I put his stuff on every now and again, and I always enjoy it. Some of his records are a little far out for my taste, sure. And some of it is a little on the dark side for regular listening. But when he's on, man, he's on. His records are diverse and I think there's something there for everyone. Haven't ever given him a spin? Try this out:

Michael Keaton to the rescue

If the game still has you down, you can always find solace in the genius of Michael Keaton. If you haven't seen Mr. Mom in a while, I recommend you take some time to become reacquainted with the modern masterpiece.