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Community Projections: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Troy Trojans

What will happen when the Mississippi State Bulldogs face off against the Troy Trojans Saturday?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State enters a three game stretch where that will see the Bulldogs be a home favorite for the rest of October. Remember not so long ago when there was not as much confidence coming into these games?  It's wild how that has changed in the last seven years.

After what feels like a woulda-shoulda-coulda loss to Texas A&M last weekend, how will Mississippi State respond in their game against the Troy Trojans?

Best Case Scenario: This game looks very similar to the 2013 contest, and the Bulldogs blast the Trojans. Dak and the wide outs have a solid performance, and the Bulldogs move the ball on the ground without fumbling.  New faces appear on defense and play well, and the Bulldogs leave the field with a 66-7 win.

Worst Case Scenario: The Bulldogs try to establish the running game early, but the senior-QB curse strikes.  Prescott suffers an injury that takes him out of this game, and makes the next several games questionable.  Mullen relies on the running backs, but they cough up two fumbles deep in their own territory, allowing two Troy touchdowns.  Nick Fitzgerald throws a pick-six, and the Trojans take the lead 21-18.  Tornado sirens start to go off, and we all know what happens next.

Bold Prediction: Troy will be outmatched in this contest. Dak Prescott will go for over 450 total yards, and he flirt with his all-time mark of 500 total yards that he set against Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Jackie Parker holds the total touchdowns in a game record with six.  Prescott takes that spot away with seven total touchdowns against Troy.