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Hello, Computer. How's the Internet today?

Before you get in your obligatory half hour of zoning out at your desk, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU-related miscellany that the internet has to offer today.

Morning Linkage, etc.

Daily reminder that Dak's good at football - Hit the link for a great in-depth article about how Dak has in many ways performed even better than he did last year and how he's developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.

Daily reminder that, yes, Ben Howland is somehow our basketball coach - The first basketball game of the season is tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Eastern Washington, 8:00 p.m. (CST) at the Hump, televised by the SEC Network. Here's Howland's pre-game press conference, where he previews Eastern Washington (which was a really solid team last year) and talks about Malik Newman's health, among other things:

Bonus Howland - Watch Howland talk about Newman's development as a player since starting college and about the recruiting pitch that landed the top-ten player in the first place:

Daily reminder that State's women's basketball team is awesome - The ladies' team opens their season tonight as well. Samford, 5:15 (CST) at the Hump, televised by the SEC Network alternate. We're ranked 11th in the nation, people. You should watch. Here's Coach Schaefer talking about the game while wearing what appears to be an uncomfortably tight whistle around his neck:

Baseball Recruiting? Sure, why not - Wednesday was signing day for college baseball. Though the MLB draft will have a lot to say about how this year's signing class finally ends up, it looks pretty solid right now. For example, hit the link to read about a pitcher we signed who's not only throwing 93 mph fastballs, but is hitting .348 with a .608 slugging percentage. Dude may go straight to the draft, but still. Impressive recruit.

Player interviews aplenty - A number of solid player interviews to check out this morning. Richie BrownChris JonesJoe Morrow, and Aeris Williams.

Remembering the Josephs - A nice piece by Bob Carskadon covering the memorial service the school held yesterday for the Josephs. And here is the school's office article on the memorial.

Relentless, Episode XI - Here it is:

Hunting Season

The Jay and Silent Bob movie wasn't really all that great. But damn, this scene always makes me laugh, if for nothing else than Ben Affleck's amazing delivery. (If you haven't seen the outtakes from this scene, take a look after watching the original. They had a tough time keeping it together.)

Going for the gusto

I need a helmet like that.

Pink Floyd Fridays

For those of you familiar with the Animals album, you know that the record opens and closes with a short, two-part acoustic song called "Pigs on the Wing." It's simple, pleasant, and a nice way to round out the album. But there is a random oddity about the song that sets it apart from any other in the Floyd canon: the version on the original 8-track release was different from any other the band put out, be it on vinyl, CD, cassette, or mp3. You see, 8-tracks could be played on a continuous loop, tying the last track on an album together with the first. So on Animals, Pink Floyd connected the two parts of "Pigs on the Wing" with a guitar solo exclusive to the 8-track version. And to make it extra odd, instead of having a member of the band play the solo, they had a dude named "Snowy White," who would later play guitar with the band while they were on tour, do it.