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Opening Odds: Mississippi State Bulldogs Open as Underdog on the Road against Arkansas Razorbacks

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Arkansas looked sharp Saturday. Mississippi State, not so much. The Bulldogs are now listed as underdogs in the contest between the two teams Saturday in Fayetteville.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

For much of the season, Mississippi State has looked like a stronger program than Arkansas.  Over the last two weeks, that perception has changed a bit as the Bulldogs throttled Missouri and were then throttled by Alabama, and Arkansas picked up a wild overtime victory over Ole Miss and took it to LSU Saturday.

The folks making odds took notice, and they installed the Razorbacks as three-point home favorites over Mississippi State.  Not too long after the odds were released, the line shifted to the Razorbacks being 3.5-point favorites.

Fayetteville has not historically been kind to Mississippi State, but the Bulldogs picked up a huge win in the Ozark Foothills.

We'll have to wait until Saturday to see how this one will play out.