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Community Projections: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Ole Miss Rebels in the Egg Bowl

How do you see the Egg Bowl playing out?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Mississippi State and Ole Miss met with the Bulldogs having dreams of backdooring into the SEC championship game and the College Football Playoffs, but the Rebels dashed those dreams in Oxford. Now, with both teams playing in hopes of having a shot at 10-wins, can Mississippi State stop Ole Miss in Starkville?

Best Case Scenario: The Bulldogs get off to the same start offensively that they did against Arkansas. The defense forces an early turnover, slowing down the Rebels. Mississippi State plays a clean second half, and they snag a 41-31 win over Ole Miss.

Worst Case Scenario: The offensive line play of Alabama returns. Yeah, I'll stop there...

Bold Prediction: The scoreboard gets a workout in this game. Dak has another huge night, totaling six touchdowns in his last game in Starkville. De'Runnya Wilson and Fred Ross both get over 100 and two scores in their last games in Starkville. Joe Morrow gets a senior day touchdown as well. Dak runs in the other, which comes on a 4th and goal play on the Bulldog's final drive to give MSU a 51-48 win. The Golden Egg returns to Starkville and the Bulldogs head to the Sugar Bowl.