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Be Happy: Best Mississippi State Bulldog Football Memory of the 2015 Season

No doubt about, it was a rough weekend. Let's see if we can find some bright spots somewhere.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

When the football gurus started writing their season previews, they predicted doom and gloom for Mississippi State.  They said the Bulldogs were on one hit wonder.  They said the Bulldogs could not replace their losses on the O-line and at running back (..ok, they may have that one right). They said MSU would struggle to get to six wins.

Well, the good news is that the Bulldogs did get to eight wins.  They did suffer four losses, with three of them turning into ugly ones, and one being an insanely frustrating loss to Ole Miss.  Yes, in many ways this will go down as a season that will be remembered for what might have been.

However, there are many positive memories to take from the season from the field or as fans.  Let's use this thread to hit on those today.

I'll start with sharing mine.  I ended up grabbing tickets to the Louisiana Tech game at the last minute on SeatGeek and had to sit in the upper deck. My son, who is closing in on six years old, was at the game with me.

la tech

Now, yes, I did wear blue at the game, but if you look closely, I did have maroon on under that.  The fact is, jackets are not needed much down here, so I only have a few.  The best part of wearing blue was the joy in the one LaTech fan's face in that section when she saw me wearing blue.  She told me she was so glad to have another one up there, to which I had to break her heart.

Back to the story...My son has been to a ton of football games with me.  He's probably been to 30-40 high school games and ten or so college games.  We watch it on TV all weekend.  But, at this game, I could tell he was beginning to figure the game of football out a bit.  He was also really catching on to all of the stuff during the game: chants, cheers, ringing the cowbell, etc..  It was just a bunch of fun to share that with him.

Also, from off the field, the Chris Jericho intro video was just amazing this year.

On the field, my favorite memory of the year will probably be the Arkansas game.  How could anyone not have enjoyed watching that.  Both teams threw haymakers all night, but at the end of it all, the Bulldogs landed the biggest shot when Beniquez Brown blocked the game winning field goal.

Alright folks...up to you to take over now.