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Maroon Weather Forecast: Opening Weekend at the Dude

The Bulldogs are playing some baseball and softball in some chilly conditions!

Scott Sincoff/For Whom The Cowbell Tolls

John Cohen and Company start off their 2015 campaign with 4 home games this weekend at Dudy Noble Field. Right next door, Vann Steudeman's 5-0 softball team is hosting the February Freezer tournament while playing six home games starting Thursday afternoon.

The softball team's contest against Louisiana Tech will start at 4 PM on Thursday, but it will be really chilly. A strong and gusty north wind is dominating the cold air in the Golden Triangle and making the 40° temperature at first pitch feel like it's going to be hovering the freezing mark. By the game's finish, temperatures will be in the upper 20s-lower 30s as the clear sky lets go of the sun's warmth and the winds calm down.

Friday is when the cowbells start clanging at the Dude. The 4 PM Contest against the Cincinnati Bearcats was moved up due to a cold low temperature. First pitch should be in the lower 40s with clear skies and the wind shouldn't be too much of an issue as it will still be cold but much lighter. The softball team's 5:30 contest against Illinois will start off a little cooler in the upper 30s, but both teams should end their matchups with it just below freezing.

Games are starting early on Valentine's Day. It will be a great day to snuggle with your loved one at the ballpark with the softball and baseball games starting at 11:30 AM and noon, respectively. Temps on the north side of the MSU campus will begin in the mid-to-upper 40s at game time, but will go into the upper 50s for the Maroon and White's doubleheader in both sports. The baseball team's second leg should end between 6-7 PM and will be in the lower 40s as the sun goes down on Starkvegas.

The warmer air is thanks to a temporary wind shift with the Magnolia State getting some of the warm moisture from the Gulf for about 24 hours before a cold front cripples MSU and will make the diamond very hard to run on for both sports. The softball doubleheader starts at noon and it will be very chilly in the upper 20s. Temperatures will increase throughout the day, but not too much, as the high will be in the upper 30s with a brisk wind from the northeast.

Make sure to watch out for the weather when you go and cheer for the Maroon and White this weekend! Hail State!