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Mississippi State Lunch Links: Baseball Opening Day Edition

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we give you interesting MSU links in the middle of the day so you can continue avoiding work and/or your co-workers. It’s Friday the 13th and the opening day of college baseball, so grab your black cat, a baseball mitt, and let’s get to it.


Here' s your complete SEC baseball schedule for today. First pitch for MSU-Cincinnati is set for 4 PM CST: Link

FWtCT's own Reid Coker broke down the players you need to know from State's opening weekend opponents, Cincinnati and Miami (Ohio): Link

SEC baseball coaches picked MSU to finish 5th in the West, so we're starting out as underdogs as always. Catcher Gavin Collins was also named pre-season first-team All-SEC by conference coaches: Link

Our friends at Maroon & White Nation tried to predict today's starting lineup: Link

MSU lady's hoops went into double-overtime with Kentucky in Lexington last night and fell to the Wildcats on a last-second desperation shot. MSU you may have lost, but if you missed this game, you really missed out on some great basketball: Link

SB Nation's Missouri blog, Rock M Nation, gave us power rankings for SEC basketball and MSU is not last! But they're close to last (*sigh*): Link

Also from Rock M Nation, I went on the Rock M Radio podcast this week to discuss MSU's upcoming basketball game against Missouri and why Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy is the worst: Link

Sporting News made a full guide to plan your wedding around the 2015 SEC football schedule if you're one of those annoying people who gets married during football season. We here at FWtCT say, just don't do it, but if you must, here's your guide: Link

Finally, this one isn't exactly MSU-related but it happened in Mississippi... Southern Miss played FIU in basketball last night and literally ran out of players in overtime, they finished the game with only 4 players on the court and actually almost won: Link


If you have any MSU links that you think should be shared on the site, tweet them to @Charlie_Burris and he'll post them here.