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South Carolina AD: SEC Network payout will be $5 million per school

It looks like the SEC Network will be profitable to the league much sooner than expected.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

South Carolina's 247 site reported today that the Gamecock's athletic director, Ray Tanner, indicated to his board of trustee's in a meeting Friday that the payout to SEC member schools from the SEC Network will come this summer and be approximately $5 million per school.

Tanner stated: "Long story short, when we first started talking about the network, they said we'd probably realize a benefit in Year 3. Obviously it's been more successful than that. This summer we'll receive a distribution (and) I think it will be at least $5 million. I'd like to think that's on the conservative side ...It has proven to be the most successful launch in cable history."

Official revenue distribution numbers should be released at the SEC meetings in Destin, FL in May.