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How does Dan Mullen's New Salary Compare to the Rest of the SEC?

Dan Mullen received a $1 million dollar raise yesterday. We took a look at how his new salary compares to the compensation of other SEC coaches...

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It finally happened like we all thought it would, Dan Mullen got a raise, and rightfully so. Mullen took the Bulldogs to an 10-3 season and a brief 6 week stint as the #1 team in America. The man deserved to be paid.

Over the next four years, Mullen will make roughly $4.275 million annually. It's a lot of money and puts him in the elite tier of SEC football coaches.

Here's the full list of SEC head football coaches' salaries. Numbers are as updated as I could find:

1. Nick Saban, Alabama: $7.16 million

2. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M: $5 million

3. Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss: $4.5 million

4. Les Miles, LSU: $4.369 million

5. Dan Mullen, MSU: $4.275 million

6. Bret Bilema, Arkansas: $4.25 million

7. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina: $4 million

8. Gus Malzahn, Auburn: 3.85 million

9. Butch Jones, Tennessee: $3.6 million

10. Jim McElwain, Florida: $3.5 million

11. Mark Richt, UGA: $3.3 million

12. Mark Stoops, Kentucky: $3.25 million

13. Gary Pinkel, Mizzou: $3.1 million

14. Derek Mason, Vanderbilt: Undisclosed, private university

Mullen is the 5th highest paid football coach in the SEC which places him around 8th to 10th nationally depending on your information source.

This is a high-ranking spot but I have one problem with it... We're still behind Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss. How do we not just give Dan an extra $300k and get ahead of those guys? Obviously this is pretty petty but don't act like it's not bothering you too.