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Maroon Weather Forecast: Baseball v. Western Kentucky

The Diamond Dawgs may want to bring some umbrellas to the bullpen!

Scott Sincoff

Fans of the Diamond Dawgs may want to bring their ponchos when they go to Dudy Noble this week. Bands of rain will be pushing through the Magnolia State through Friday and dumping 2-3" of rain in Starkville.

The rain will be off and on Tuesday afternoon, but there is a potential for thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon from 5 PM-8 PM as the Dawgs play their first leg against the Hilltoppers. Although the rain may put a damper on fans who want to grill in the Left Field Lounge, temperatures will feel really nice as they will peak in the low 60s.

Wednesday will have a similar story for leg 2 of the series. The Maroon and White will have to deal with even more humidity than on Tuesday with overcast skies in the afternoon and some more potential for thunderstorms. The high temp will be in the low 60s, but it could feel hotter with all of the rain gear on.