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Maroon Weather Forecast: March 13-15

Friday the 13th may be a bit unlucky weather-wise, but the rest of the weekend is perfect for some good ole-fashioned baseball and softball!

Scott Sincoff

Because of the unlucky weather on Friday the 13th, John Cohen's Diamond Dawgs are not playing Friday against Alabama. Instead, they will be playing a double header against the Crimson Tide on Saturday. However, Vann Stuedeman's softball club is playing against the Aggies in Starkvegas on Friday the 13th.

The softball team can expect soggy field conditions for its 5:30 PM contest against Texas A&M due to a deluge of rain coming in from the south. The temperature will be very nice in the upper 60s but the rain coming from the Gulf that we've been seeing all week long in Starkville will be here to dampen the game.

The rain should clear out of the Golden Triangle just in time for the baseball and softball games, both starting at 1 PM. Overcast and humid conditions will stick around with a light wind from the south bringing in that moist air into Starkvegas. The field conditions will be very soggy for the games so watch out for the Dawgs slipping and sliding. It may not be much better in the stands and a seat cover is highly recommended.

Sunday is a completely story. The sun will be out over the MSU campus for the first time in a good while.  Temps will be hovering around 70 and a light wind shift will be bringing in some drier air. Both the field and the stands will have a chance to dry up due to the sun's rays for the softball's 1 PM matchup against Texas A&M and the baseball team's 1:30 set against the Crimson Tide.

Hopefully, the nicer weather will let the Bulldogs wrap this homestand in Maroon and White!