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SEC Basketball Coaches Salaries: How Do Howland and Barnes Compare?

After Tennessee struck a deal with former Texas coach Rick Barnes today, we looked at SEC coaching salaries to see where the Bulldogs' new coach Ben Howland and others stack up.

Mississippi State University

Ben Howland's new contract with Mississippi State is worth $2.05 million per year for four years and Rick Barnes will be paid $2.25 million per year for six years by the Vols. As of today, the average salary of coaches that aren't named Calipari in the SEC is $1.8 million per year.

Here's the full list of the most up-to-date SEC basketball coaches salaries (all numbers listed are base salaries and don't include non-guaranteed incentives):

1. John Calipari, Kentucky: $6,500,000

2. Billy Donovan, Florida: 4,400,000

3. Bruce Pearl, Auburn: $2,700,000

4. Rick Barnes, Tennessee: $2,250,000

5. Frank Martin, South Carolina: $2,100,000

6. Ben Howland, Mississippi State: $2,050,000

7. Mike Anderson, Arkansas: $2,030,000

8. Andy Kennedy, Ole Miss: $1,800,000

9. Mark Fox, Georgia: $1,700,000

10. Kim Anderson, Missouri: $1,200,000

11. Johnny Jones, LSU: $1,100,000

12. Billy Kennedy, Texas A&M: $1,000,000

13. Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt: N/A (Undisclosed)

14. ????, Alabama: N/A (No coach)

Coaching salaries are growing by the day in SEC basketball. If Alabama hires Gregg Marshall and pays him something like $4 million, the SEC's average salary (again minus Cal) will rise to $2.15 million. But there's little to show for these enormous sums outside of the recent successes of Kentucky and Florida. Hopefully this new set of coaches can make a mark and make SEC basketball worth watching and worth the money.