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MSU Baseball Warmups Said "F--K THE SCHOOL UP NORTH"

MSU got new warmups today and they had a hidden message in threads...

Michael Bonner

Here's MSU baseball's new "Starkvegas" warmups:

Jersey 2

Here's a closer look at the back of the warmups:

Jersey 3

And here's the view of the jersey where you can clearly see that the jerseys say "F**K THE SCHOOL UP NORTH". A shameless shot at Ole Miss:


HOLY CRAP! I don't know who had the guts to okay these, but I guarantee that they would be the hottest selling shirt in the history of Mississippi State sports if the university put them up for sale.

While we definitely don't condone this, I have to admit, I laughed. Though, MSU athletic director Scott Stricklin was not amused:

So, there you have it. Is this funny or appalling? You decide.