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Adidas Takes the Blame for the Profane Warmup Shirts

Adidas released a statement Thursday night apologizing and taking the heat for the warmup shirts worn by MSU's baseball team today that had the phrase "F--K THE SCHOOL UP NORTH" hidden on them.

Michael Bonner

If you missed it earlier tonight, MSU baseball was given a set of jerseys that had a profane phrase directed at Ole Miss hidden in the text on the shirt. Take a look: 


It's not pretty and Adidas has taken all the blame. Here's their official statement on the incident:

"We apologize to Mississippi State, their student-athletes, fans and alumni for this error. The Bulldogs' baselayer graphic today featured old artwork that was never presented to the university. This graphic does not reflect our brand values nor those of Mississippi state. We take full responsibility for this error and wish Mississippi State the best of luck during Super Bulldog Weekend."

It's a weak apology at best with no in-depth explanation for the blunder, but no matter what the real story is, it's what Adidas had to do. At the end of the day, they designed and printed the shirts and paid the school to have MSU athletes wear them.

Though, we're all still just left to wonder, how in the world did this happen? It's truly mind boggling.