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Adidas Founder's Nephew Totally Getting Fired Today in Wake of MSU Shirt Scandal

Jack Newton | Flickr

In the wake of a massive scandal on Thursday that rocked a large portion of Mississippi and a dedicated following in the Light Bright community, Adidas is responding today by firing the designer who they claim is responsible for the mishap that let the phrase "F--K the school up north" onto an official shirt worn by Mississippi State's baseball team.

Jack Adidas, nephew of Adidas founder Bill Adidas, was let go early this morning, according to two sources in the sewing community with knowledge of the firing. Jack, who was always late and reportedly never actually did any work at the company anyways, was made into the sacrificial lamb for the errors of the company at large when he got handed a pink slip. Sources indicate that he seemed quite upset about the firing when spotted leaving a local Starbucks this morning.  When asked for a comment on the decision and what he plans to do now, Jack had this to say:

"Stuff; probably nothing you've ever heard of before.  Besides, that job wasn't for me. I've never really been the "corporate" man my family wants me to be.  Now I can finally focus on my music and my hemp necklace business."

Back at Mississippi State, the school is scrambling to nix plans it had to unveil a new design on the Davis Wade Stadium video board honoring the school it has become so friendly with:

video board mugatu

While the unveiling has reportedly been cancelled, the school will continue on with its newest uniform unlock from the apparel giant: a zubaz-patterned uniform that totally doesn't have a stereogram of Hugh Freeze in a Richard Simmons outfit on it when you cross your eyes.