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Useless Offseason Information: SEC Football Coaches Ranked by Twitter Followers

We have to post things during the offseason, since there's only so much that you want to hear about our baseball team constantly bunting, we're giving you some totally useless yet interesting information for your football-less enjoyment. Today we rank every SEC football coach by the number of followers they have on Twitter.

Butch Dill/Getty Images

SEC Football Coaches by Number of Twitter Followers

Coaches Twitter Followers Graph

There you have it. Butch Jones is rocking on the recruiting trail and in the Twittersphere. It seems that Twitter followers do not always equal success, though (I'm looking at you, Mark Stoops). Also, this chart may be a little unfair because Nick Saban is conspicuously absent. This might be a different graph if he was involved but let's just consider ourselves blessed since Spurrier finally got a Twitter last month.