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Breaking Down Mississippi State's Chances of Making the 2015 SEC Tournament

MSU is battling four other teams for the last spot in Hoover. Given the remaining schedules, who has the advantage?

Mississippi State fans celebrate after winning the 2012 SEC Baseball Tournament
Mississippi State fans celebrate after winning the 2012 SEC Baseball Tournament
Mississippi State University |

Mississippi State fell to 23-21 overall and 7-14 in the SEC after losing their sixth SEC series of the season at #25 Arkansas this past weekend. The win on Sunday didn't salvage much, but it was able to keep MSU tied with Tennessee for 12th in the league, which is the last place team that will make it to the SEC tournament.

With nine games remaining in the 2015 SEC season, the Bulldogs are battling four other teams for that final spot in Hoover. Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and MSU will all fight it out down to the wire. Let's look at the remaining series for these teams and where they might finish.

Georgia (6-14)

vs. Florida

@ Kentucky

vs. Arkansas

Georgia currently sits in last place and I don't see that changing with the remaining schedule. After winning their first two series, they looked like they would be a surprise team in the SEC, but they have lost five series in a row since. They were swept last weekend by a mediocre Auburn team.

Prediction: 7-22

Tennessee (7-14)

vs. Texas A&M

@ Arkansas

vs. Mississippi State

It's not a favorable next two weeks for the Volunteers playing one of the best teams in the country at home and traveling on the road to Arkansas. The thing they have going for them is they have MSU, who they are tied with for the No. 12 spot, at home to finish out the season.

Prediction: 10-20

Alabama (8-13)

vs. Arkansas


vs. Vanderbilt

The Tide has only won one series since they took two of three from MSU in Starkville. This one is a little bit harder to predict. They are capable of stealing a series at home against Arkansas, and who knows what will happen in a series with their arch rival on the road. I think they will win three games against Arkansas and Auburn, and that will be enough to get them in.

Prediction: 11-19

South Carolina (9-12)

vs. Auburn

@ Texas A&M

vs. LSU

South Carolina is two games up over Tennessee and MSU, but they may have to sweat it out after they play what is the hardest schedule remaining out of all these teams fighting for the tournament. They likely go 0-6 in the final two weekends.

Prediction: 10-20

Mississippi State (7-14)

vs. LSU

@ Ole Miss


I won't place any faith in MSU stealing a game from the No. 1 team in college baseball this weekend even though it's at home. That means the fate of the season staying alive will depend on two series on the road. I think State will only take one game at Ole Miss, and that would put them needing to win two of three from Tennessee to get in.

Prediction: 9-21

I think Tennessee steps up and takes two out of three from MSU at home when it matters most. Right now I just don't have much confidence in predicting the Dogs to go on the road and win a series.

That would mean MSU misses the tournament for the first time since John Cohen's second season in 2010, and a lot of fans will be wondering how in the heck such a stumble occurred in two short years after playing for a national championship.

That's my thoughts. How do you guys see the rest of the season shaking out?