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MSU Men's and Women's Tennis Team Make NCAA Tournament

The Men's team is going to UNC, and the Women's team is going to UC Berkeley.

For the first time since 2005, the Men's and Women's tennis team have both gotten in the NCAA Tournament in the same season.  Like the NCAA Baseball Tournament, the tournament starts with four teams in a regional.  Unlike baseball, the tournament is single elimination.  The Men's team plays in the first round on May 8th, and the Women's team plays in the first round on the 8th or 9th.

Men's Regional ITA Rankings

North Carolina- 16th

MSU- 18th

Denver- 51st

William and Mary- unranked (so not in the top 75)

Denver is a decent team, but MSU should beat them.  Denver earned an automatic bid by winning the Summit Conference Tournament.  Even if they had lost in the conference tournament, they probably would have received an at large bid.  They went 6-0 in their conference during the regular season, and went 18-8 overall.  Denver has players ranked 109th and 113th in the NCAA.  Back in 2013, Denver did upset Florida in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

If MSU does beat Denver, I would be really surprised if they didn't play North Carolina.  North Carolina tied with Duke to finish fourth in the ACC.  The Tar Heels have players ranked 12th, 23rd, 68th, and 117th.  MSU has one player, Florian Lakat, ranked 60th.  Florian Lakat and Julian Cash are ranked 8th in the NCAA in doubles, and North Carolina has teams ranked at 36th and 39th.  MSU and North Carolina both beat NC State 4-3 earlier this year.    North Carolina finished the season 21-10 (8-4) and MSU finished the season 19-7 (9-3).  This match should be a close one.

Women's Regional ITA Rankings

Cal Berkeley- 3rd

Houston- 29th

Mississippi State- 34th

Bryant- unranked

Houston has players ranked 81st and 106th in the NCAA.  MSU has two ranked players.  Jasmine Lee is ranked 24th and Georgiana Patrasc is ranked 107th.  Houston doesn't have any doubles teams ranked, and MSU has a team ranked 55th.  Houston is 22-5 and 7-0 in conference, and MSU is 15-11 and 4-9 in conference.  MSU beating Houston would be an upset, but it isn't unrealistic.  Cal Berkeley is extremely good.  They have the third ranked player in the NCAA, and four more in the top fifty.  The sixth lowest ranked player is ranked 92nd.  To sum Cal Berkeley, their entire starting lineup is in the top 100.