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Dak Prescott Is A Heisman Favorite, What Must He Do To Win?

MSU's star quarterback is on everyone's short list of Heisman contenders but what does he have to do to win the trophy?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Betting service Bovada has Dak Prescott with 8/1 odds to win the Heisman Trophy in 2015, ranking him 3rd among all potential candidates. lists him as the 4th best contender for the Heisman. Our own SB Nation ranks Prescott 6th and Sports on Earth lists Dak as the 11th most likely player to capture the coveted award.

Obviously, predictions are just that, predictions, we won't really know anything until the season starts on September 5th at Southern Miss. Dak is the most important part of MSU's offensive attack and the most important player on the 2015 squad. He will be the key to the Bulldogs' success in the coming season. Many essential players were lost on both sides of the ball in the off-season but in regards to Dak's success, overcoming big losses on the offensive line and the exit of star running back Josh Robinson will be the factors that loom large in whether or not MSU has its very first Heisman Trophy winner.

The receiving core is still excellent, with 2015 leading receiver De'Runnya Wilson still at Prescott's disposal. But running the ball was such a huge factor in 2014, will Dak be able to be as dynamic without a proven o-line and one of the best running backs in the SEC by his side?

MSU will have to beat LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Missouri, and Ole Miss for Dak to be a legitimate contender. It won't be easy but it will be possible. And that's all we need, a possibility. Last year before the season began people thought it was "possible but not likely" for MSU to have a big year and then we showed everyone what a small SEC school is truly capable of.

I don't want to count our eggs before they're hatched but people are underestimating this team. Dak will be better this season and many of our players are unproven but extremely capable. Thankfully, being underestimated was the Bulldogs biggest strength in 2014. So, here's to hoping not only will there be a repeat of last season, but an improvement on what was ultimately a bittersweet success. And if we can do that, there's a good chance we'll see the Heisman Trophy finally make its way to Starkville.